Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adoption Online Community

Wow, a Facebook, LinkedIn kind of community for Adoption. Fascinating! Here is an press release for an amazing new website called They connect parents wanting to adopt a baby & birth mothers together. What an amazing new avenue for adoption. I hope you find this as interesting as I do. - Tamra (a.k.a. The Frugal Mom)

Online Community Offers New Option for Birth mothers
Choosing Private, Open Adoption for Unwanted Pregnancies

Direct™ uses a social networking platform to empower birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents by allowing them to meet directly without using an adoption agency in a process that is professional, safe, simple and affordable™ is a new on-line community founded by adoptive parents to empower birth mothers and adoptive parents by increasing their direct access to private, affordable, open adoption. It is committed to providing a process, based on a social networking platform, that includes many of the positive attributes of traditional agency adoptions, such as professionalism and confidentiality, yet offers the further advantages of simplicity and affordability.™ is endorsed by The National Adoption Foundation which was also founded by adoptive parents who saw the need to address the fact that many prospective adoptive families and individuals with limited resources require financial support and assistance to meet the costs associated with agency adoptions.

“Finding a loving home for a child should not be deterred or become overly complicated by cost, uncertainty or complexity,” said Aaron Ghermezian, one of the founders of™ and an advocate for adoption reform. “The reality is that for adoptive couples and birth mothers, the adoption process can be frustrating, costly, and fraught with obstacles. Our goal is to empower birth mothers and prospective parents and encourage adoption as an option for all birth mothers, but especially for young, unwed mothers.”

The matching process offered by™ is straightforward: birth mothers who choose to participate register on the web site by filling out an uncomplicated confidential form. Prospective parents also register on the site, however, they provide more detailed profiles, including photos and videos that are available to the birth mothers to view. Birth mothers may review the profiles and decide if, when and how they would like to contact the prospective adoptive parents who have posted their profiles. The birth mothers remain anonymous until they agree to communicate openly and directly; birth mothers and adoptive parents communicate directly and make all decisions on going forward with the adoption process.™ allows prospective parents to adopt for less cost and meet birth mothers directly, while birth mothers can actively choose a family for their child,” said Norman Goldberg, an adoptive parent who is also a founder of™.

All parties are required to follow applicable state child adoption laws.™ provides resources and information; however, it does not provide counselling or legal advice, and more importantly, does not act as an adoption agency.

There is no cost for birth mothers to join and register with™. Adoptive couples and individuals are asked to pay an initial $295 membership fee, with a $59 monthly maintenance fee; they are not required to sign a contract and may discontinue at any time after the first month.™ also includes forums, chats, groups, profiles, friends, photo galleries and calendars as a way to establish a unified community, provide peer support, and offer information and resources.

The National Adoption Foundation was established in 1994 by adoptive parents to address the unmet needs of adoptive families for financial support and advocacy. Everything the Foundation does is driven by a clear understanding of the challenges faced by families in the adoption process and beyond. The National Adoption Foundation is the only national resource dedicated exclusively to providing financial support, information and services directly to adoptive families.

“We've created™ as a community for adoptive couples and individuals to meet birth mothers in a safe, secure and anonymous environment. Birth mothers are free to directly contact as many prospective adoptive parents as they like,” said Mr. Ghermezian. “Our goal is to transform what with traditional adoption can be a negative experience, into a great experience within a vibrant community full of love and support.”

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