Friday, August 20, 2010

What to eat when you can only eat soft things?

Hi ladies,

On Monday my 4 yr old daughter Sydney had her tonsils taken out. All went well until we got home and she was STARVING!

The Doctor & Nurses had all drilled it into my head that she could not eat anything! she could drink cool clear liquids the first day. or sherbet. nothing with red, citrus or dairy either. so that ruled out ice cream shakes, orange juice, and the V8 Fusion drinks I had gotten. She was fine drinking her white grape juice on the car ride home, but as soon as we entered our door she says, "Mommy can I eat lunch now? I'm starving!". I offered her more juice and she started to cry. Poor kid, I felt her pain. Now mind you we left the house at 5am that morning and arrived home at 2:30pm. Neither of us eating anything the entire day. I dare not eat in front of my baby girl when she could not. So I understood how hungry she was. But for me, I could just grab an apple or something she could not. So it took some creative quick thinking. My kitchen looked like a laboratory by nights end with all the potions we made that she didn't like :)

Day one: I put some banana, canned pears and juice in the blender and made a smoothie. She drank a few sips of this. But that was all. too thick. so we resorted to sherbet, apple sauce & white grape juice.

Day two: We got a bit more creative as we were able to have red and dairy now. so she tried the V8 Fusion fruit/veggie drinks. didn't like them. Ice cream shakes, too cold it hurt. the winner was Creamy Wheat. I made it smoother with extra milk after it was cooked and she LOVED this. I never saw her eat so fast ever! then Jello was a winner too. and pudding. so now we had some staples she was happy to eat. She wanted some whipped cream to put on top of her pudding and jello. OK, calcium, So I made home made whipped cream. took a portion out and added peanut butter to it. great protein. I let her try it..."eeeew, gross!" I tasted it and so did her was awesome!. So later I gave her chocolate pudding and added the peanut butter whipped cream on top for dessert. She loved it :)

Day three: More of the same...creamy wheat for breakfast and lunch. I had been scrambling around the day before trying to get her things to eat while still taking care not to neglect her 2 sisters. So now I came up with a few tips to make life easier. I had a bunch of the baby food containers that are rectangle with lids. I saved them for this very reason. the night before I had made a few flavors of instant pudding: chocolate, banana & vanilla. plus some flavors of jello: cherry, peach & lime. I portioned out pudding, jello & yogurt cups so when Sydney was hungry (which was often as the things she was eating do not fill you up for long) I was able to grab it and give her something quickly.

For dinner this night I got a bit creative as she was getting sick of what she was eating and was looking longingly at her sisters meals. I had some Pastina Stars in my cabinet so I made a chicken broth and pureed some carrots and and cooked the star on that. It was so smooth and tasty she loved it.

Helpful Tips:

1. Now as I mentioned I have 2 other children. So as not to cause any jealously issues, I had purchased some mini ice cream cones (a little bigger than a thimble!) and Dixie cups. So when Sydney got her large portions they had a smaller one. Everyone was happy :)

2. Since Sydney wasn't eating normal well balanced meals this week, I decided to grind up her chewable vitamins (multi vitamin, fruits & veggie supplement, and Vita C - all made with Organic ingredients) and mix in with her pudding for one serving each day. This way I at least knew she was getting a full days worth of nutrients that she needed to get back to her strong healthy self.

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