Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Recipe Tip

I bought a package of index cards that I have in my kitchen with a pen. I am always watching cooking shows and if I see a recipe I like I jot it down. I always include the show and channel I saw it on so I can go online and make sure I got the recipe correct.

And when I am experimenting with recipes on my own, and one turns out great I jot that down too so I can recreate it. Especially if my family likes it too.

Another thing I do it to jot down leftover recipes. Meals I make with the leftovers. And if I have a few leftover ideas for one main meal I will choose from them for later in the week. Alternating to keep variety in our meals.

So now when I write out my menu for the week I can pull out the recipes I want to use and clip them together so they are available and makes my week much easier.

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