Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to Stop Washing Money Down the Drain

The following article was borrowed from the 'Everyday Cheapskate' Newsletter by Mary Hunt. Here are some very clever tips..... enjoy - Tamra (a.k.a. The Frugal Mom)

Consider for a moment how much money you spend to replace clothing, linens and bedding that are serviceable but hopelessly stained. Add up how much you spend at the dry cleaner each month. Shocked? This week's collection of reader-submitted tips just might help you keep a lot of money in your pocket.

COLOR CARE. When my colors get mixed up in the laundry and I accidentally dye a load because the color bled, I reverse it with Rit Dye Color Remover, available wherever Rit Dye is sold. It works every time, even on red! Lou, Florida

DOWN COMFORT. I finally got my nerve up to wash my feather quilt in the washing machine. It turned out beautifully! I washed it in warm water on the gentle cycle. Then, I fluffed it in the drier with three tennis balls. The balls bounce around and keep the comforter from getting all "bunched up." Eve H., e-mail

DRAIN BRAIN. Whenever I get a mesh bag like the one citrus fruit comes in, I cut it up and thread a string through the mesh. I attach it to my washer's outtake hose to catch the lint and other debris to prevent clogging the drain. It works just as well as those lint catchers that cost up to $2 each and have to be changed often. Diane S., Ohio

CATCHING COLORS. I keep the colors in my clothing from running with Color Catchers® from Shout®. They are like dryer sheets, and I use them all the time in my colored laundry. They absorb any dye that runs in the water so that it doesn't affect the other clothing in the load. Elaine K., Nebraska

SUDS SAVER. I make sure that I get every last drop of laundry detergent out of each bottle. After I have used as much detergent as possible, I get at least two or three more loads of suds by adding water to the container to rinse it out. Kim H., e-mail

WET CLEANING. The cost of dry cleaning my suits is breaking my budget. Recently, I experimented on an older suit. The label said "Dry Clean Only" but it also said the suit and the lining were 100 percent polyester. I pretreated the soil on the collar and put it in my washer on the gentle cycle with mild detergent. I put it in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes and then hung it up to dry. To my amazement, the suit came out nicer than it did after dry cleaning. I saved at least $15. Sally P., Ohio

STAIN MAVEN. I've removed serious stains of both red wine and olive oil from clothing with Lestoil, which is a household cleaner known for cutting grease. I pre-treat the tough stains by applying the Lestoil directly to the fabric (online at Amazon.com if you are unable to find it locally). Then, I wash the items as normal. I've always had success removing challenging stains with Lestoil. Sarina, e-mail

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  1. I was recently told that washing all your laundry on the cold cycle will save you money from not having to heat the water. All laundry detergents these days are made to use in cold water clean cycles. Go Green!

    - T