Friday, November 6, 2009

My Latest Potty Training Experiment

Every mom reading this has gone through (or will be going through) the potty training nightmare. My oldest daughter seemed to get potty trained overnight. My memory might be a bit fuzzy, but I don't remember having the difficulties I have had with my 2 nd daughter. Maybe its because she is the middle child? Or maybe its just because she is stubborn. Not sure which.

I have tried everything from special potty charts, a potty party (decorating the bathroom with balloons and streamers etc), a stamp book, special treats, letting her choose special panties from the store...but nothing has worked as successfully as I would like. We still keep having the accidents. I even got to the point where I would just put the pull-ups on her because I was so sick of changing her clothes and cleaning up messes.

Today we tried something new. And cross your seems to have worked great! She loves to play learning games on the computer on and I limit her time on there to once per day. She will ask me continuously if she can go on the computer to play again. So I decided to turn this into her reward for going potty.

This is what we did. I had my daughter help me make her new potty chart. We traced a large circle on a piece of contruction paper. Than chose another color for the background sheet. After cutting out the circle, we traced in onto the center of the second paper. Then like a pie I sectioned it into 6 pieces and cut them out. I made a little pocket under the pie chart to hold the pieces. We pinned it onto a cork board so it would be easy to remove and put on over and over again.

Now here is the premise of this chart. Every time she goes potty without an accident she gets to put a pie piece on the chart. When she puts all 6 pieces of the pie on the chart than she can use the computer for 15 minutes, (we use a timer for this so there is no arguing). We made it 1 pie piece for a successful pee-pee on the potty & 2 pie pieces for a successful poopie on the potty. But if she has an accident than 1 pie piece would be removed.

Let me tell you I have never seen my daughter so eager to sit on the potty ever! She spent all morning trying to go even when she didn't need to :).

I would love to hear your potty training success stories. Please email me at and I may include your story on my Blog!

Thank you - Tamra (a.k.a. The Frugal Mom)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fraud On Your Computer .....Sometimes Sneaks In Under The Radar

I thought I would share something disturbing that happened to me recently. Fraud through by computer disguised as Anti-Theft software.

I had received a pop up a few weeks ago saying I had a Trojan Virus on my computer and that I needed to purchase this anti-virus software to get rid of it. So not knowing much about this stuff, and not having my husband around at the time. I purchased it.

Then it would run these scans every few hours stating that there were several viruses that had to be deleted. When my husband saw this pop up he tried to run our MacAfee Virus scan. But it had been disabled by the new one. After some research online we discovered that this "Anti-Virus" software that I purchased was actually a virus. It posed as a Anti-virus software, even putting tiny harmless viruses on the computer so it had something to delete. We followed the instructions we found online to rid out computer of this virus and after about 10 tries, deleted it and reinstalled our MacAfee.

Now the day after we deleted this virus my bank account was getting pinged small charges that I did not make (Poker Casino charges in Ohio, and other random things). I contacted my bank as soon as I noticed this a few days later. They agreed and believed it was fraud. They said having purchased the virus software with my bank card, they now had my information. The fraud division of my bank had seen this scam several times before with different software names. Said that I was lucky I picked up on it quickly as others were not so lucky and had major identity theft.

So beware of this scheme as it comes in under the radar and seems legitimate. Knowing now that having the MacAfee was enough to thwart any viruses. I feel awfully silly for falling for this scheme. I was fortunate to receive all my money back. I hope this helps even one of you from falling prey to this.

Sorry For My Absence.....

Hi ladies,

I must apologize for my absence recently from this Blog. Personal issues kept me from keeping up with my posts these past few months. I do appreciate your patience and loyalty though. I will be posting more regularly again.

I would appreciate any ideas or interests that any of you ladies would like to see.

Thank you - Tamra