Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June week #1 - Some Great Kitchen Tips

Hi ladies! I just got my daily Everyday Cheapskate Newsletter and she had some great tips in her Tiptionary section. I thought I would share these creative solutions to common problems we all have :). Hope you enjoy! - Tamra (a.k.a. The Frugal Mom)

ICE CREAM SAVER. You can eliminate freezer burn on your ice cream by storing the container upside down in your freezer. It really works! Jan C.

QUICK COMPOST. Even though we compost our kitchen waste, it takes too long to break down when we need the compost now to start our garden. So, we help ours along this way: Every night, we grind up produce peels, leftover coffee grounds and filters, and other items that compost loves, in our food processor. This gives the breakdown process a head start. V.L., Texas

BONUS TREAT. Prevent ice cream from dripping out of the bottom of a cone by pushing a marshmallow into the cone before adding the ice cream. The marshmallow stops drips and is a little extra treat after the ice cream is gone! Brenda S.

SHINY STEEL. We have stainless steel appliances in our kitchen. I always battle getting them to look nice and clean without buying expensive polishing cream. Recently, I tried rubbing olive oil on them and they look wonderful! My husband even commented on how nice the refrigerator looks. Julie J.

MEATLOAF CUPCAKE. For a new twist on meatloaf, I fill the cups in a cupcake pan with the meat mixture and bake for about half an hour. This creates perfect individual-sized servings and I freeze leftovers for quick grab-and-go-meals. Cupcake meatloaf is also a great solution for singles and kids love them, too! Mary, Maine

OUTDOOR KITCHEN. My family enjoys eating outdoors. I've found a cheap way to keep foods chilled on the table on a hot day. I was inspired by expensive trays designed hold a serving bowl over ice, but I make my own for free. I save two-piece domed plastic containers from take-out meals. To travel, I pack the food in the bottom portion of the container and cover it with the lid. I keep it in the ice chest until we're ready to eat. When I unpack the food for our meal, I take the lids off the containers and fill them with ice. Then, I set the bottom portion atop the ice-filled lid and the food stays cold. Lynn

REPAIR WONDER. I had my food processor for more than three years when I started having difficulty getting the cover off the bowl and the bowl off the base. It seemed like the plastic parts had expanded, and I was beyond my warranty period. A new bowl, cover and pusher would have cost about $90. I solved the problem by rubbing the rims of the bowl and lid with vegetable oil. It works like new again! Kris, Wisconsin

*tips taken from the Everyday Cheapskate newsletter

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