Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June - week #1 - Snack Ideas For When You Are In The Car

Hi ladies! Me again!

Those of you who know me, know that I am always trying to think of ways to make my life easier with the kids. And snacks is always top on that list. Lately we have been in the car a lot on long trips between PA and NY. The following tip has made my life easier and the kids think its fun too.

I purchased a shoe box size bin for around $4, to put in the back of my car. And 2 really small boxes that were 2 for $2. I also purchased a box of snack size storage bags.

I purchased a bunch of full bag treats like:
pretzel sticks, Craisens (dried cranberries), Kix cereal, peanut butter crackers, trail mix* (we get the yummy kind with the nuts, chocolate, peanut butter and yogurt chips and cranberries and yellow raisins - Walmart brand flavor is 'Indulgence'), graham crackers (I get the store brand flavors honey & chocolate - then break them into 4's and put half honey and half chocolate in the snack bags).

I filled the snack bags with the treats and loaded up the plastic shoe box with them. Now before we go on our trips I let the girls take their small snack boxes and pick 3 treats for the long ride. And they know that they are not to ask for anymore. But they feel in control of their snack choices and they love it. It makes it special, like an adventure. Pop in a movie and they are set for the ride.

This has saved me many times from stopping unnecessarily during the trip. We still have our scheduled potty breaks and the places we know are the cleanest ;). But this helps stop the tantrums that can come when you stop at a place with junk food like most of the rest areas have. And it helps me stay on track with eating as well. when you are hungry on a road trip you sometimes make unwise choices to eat (fast food). I pack sandwiches if I know it will be around lunchtime. usually something easy to eat in the car like peanut butter and honey. wont slip apart like cold cut sandwiches, don't need to be in a cooler, and easy to hand back to the kids.

This also works great when you take the kids shopping. I bring each child a water bottle and they get to pick one snack from the bin before we enter the store. Great when grocery shopping. You don't hear all the begging for junk food snacks when their belly's are satisfied with a yummy treat they chose themselves.

Hope you enjoy this tip. I know I do ;) - Tamra (a.k.a. The Frugal Mom)

*Trail mix - Just be aware that chocolate may start to melt if weather is hot. during summer I sometimes keep these treats inside an pack a cooler with snack bags of fruit (grapes, cherries, blue berries, apple slices, orange slices) for long trips and throw the trail mix in the cooler with it.

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