Thursday, March 5, 2009

March week # 1 - quick tip: toys everywhere!

Quick tip: Get yourself a catch all

Keep a bin in your living room so at the end of a day (or if company comes a knockin') you can do a quick clean up and toss all the toys in and tuck it away. I have a pop up toy bin I picked up at Walmart for a few dollars that works great. when the kids go to bed I tidy up, toss the toys in and can carry all the toys to the playroom and put them away quickly. Then I can relax without the mess.


  1. This has saved me on many occassion. I can't stand having clutter and little "thing" on the floor. So when the kids are playing in one room I just toss the toys into the bin, push it aside and my anxiety disappears :0. I deal with it at the end of the night. If I spent the whole day cleaning up afterthem I would go mad. So 1 minute of tossing and its taken care of.

  2. I make it a game with my kids. We see who can tidy up the room fastest. They race to put their toys in the bin.