Friday, March 6, 2009

March week # 1 - What do you do with all that paper!

I don't know about you but I am buried under all the projects and pictures my kids finish at home or that's sent home from school with them. I didn't want to throw them out, but I found that i wasn't enjoying them anyway in piles all over my counters.

So I started a binder to keep all the best work that I want to keep, enjoy and show off. I also have a bin than I put all the finished work in to sort later. It has worked out great. I can see the progression in their talents as they grow and its a self esteem boost when they see mommy putting one of their work in the special book. I still hang up some pictures they make. But now we rotate them.

What you need: a 3 ring binder, clear page protectors, dividers. If you have multiple children make a separate section for each. Place some of the clear protectors between each section. Slip in the artwork and enjoy! Great for sharing with the grandparents too.

This is also great for school work that is sent home. You can make a new binder each year and save the most important things you want to show them as they grow. It will make everything easy to find. And your children will see how much you cared to save these projects.
*And as Dfleib commented you can use them to cut out the ABC's . Here is what we did in our playroom. Now every time I look at them I am reminded that this is my daughters art work. Thanks for the reminder Dawn.


  1. You can also reuse the art work that is in your bin. When it is a holiday, birthday, mothers Day, Fathers day ect they can choose one of their art work to give as a gift to grandma, or grandpa, Aunts & Uncles etc. This also makes you feel less guilty getting rid of it that if you threw it out :).

  2. What a great idea. You can also use the pictures as backgrounds for cards, or cut them into letters in the alphabet and hang them up in your child's room or a play room as a decoration and as a teaching tool.