Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feb week #4 - Sliders, a better option for burgers.

Hi ladies,

A good friend of mine, Ginny, had a great idea for burgers. As Americans we always expect BIG portions. Like Big burgers. Well she had recently made what she called Sliders, which are just mini burgers really.

I tried her suggestion and made these for dinner. I made enough burgers for us to have a few if we wanted. I know how my husbands appetite is much bigger than mine. We had side dishes too like salad, & sweet potato fries. But amazingly after one slider we were both full. It was surprisingly satisfying. Martins potato rolls has a small burger bun that is whole wheat, too. Besides, the slider is perfect size for kids. Get creative with the burger toppings if you want too.

Delicious. And I didn't over eat! Thanks for the great idea Ginny.

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  1. My kids love this! perfect size for their little hands. I actually make theirs thinner and melt some white american cheese on them. They eat them right up. If your kids like pizza, try making them into mini pizza burgers. make them thin, then top with a bit of sauce and melt mozzarella cheese on it. another way my kids like them is with hummas and cucumber slices.