Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb week #4 - Kids craft idea - Bird feeders

My daughter Morgan came home from preschool last week with a bird feeder they had made. I was wondering why she made this so early when it is still so cold out? Well of course as soon as we got home Morgan wanted to hang it up outside. So we hung it on the tree outside our sliding glass doors so she could watch it. Expecting it to be hanging there for months til the birds came back, I was so surprised when it was covered with lots of pretty birds. We all enjoyed watching them come back all day to feed. It was so nice to see this wonderful sign of spring coming.

We made more today since the other was bare. it was so easy I thought I would share.
  • Take an empty toilet paper roll, punch 2 holes in it for the string, spread peanut butter all over and roll in bird seed (you can pick up a small bag at Walmart for a little over a dollar). Attach the string and hang it up.

Enjoy watching the birds come from all around. Spring is almost here!

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  1. The kids loved this. watching all the pretty birds come made us feel so much better to know spring is almost here.