Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb week # 1 - More fun snacks for your children (and adults)

As we all know, kids love dessert and snacks. Here are a few yummy snacks that will get them (and you) excited every time. You will find it hard not to partake in the snacking with them!

1. Pudding cones: give them sugar free pudding in a small ice cream cone. (make sure you have bibs and lots of baby wipes for this yummy treat! they will enjoy this one completely, but it is a bit messy. perfect for eating outside. This is one of my kids favorites rather than ice cream cones) **Don't store extra cones in the fridge with pudding in them - the cones will get soggy
2. Painting with pudding: give them a plate with pudding and a graham cracker and let them have fun finger painting with it. you can give them a bowl of berries on the side to help with their masterpiece. They can lick their fingers and make pretty pictures too.
3. Yogurt cones: serve vanilla yogurt in an ice cream cone with some fruit mixed in. Add some honey wheat germ sprinkled on top.
4. Homemade apple rice pudding: left over rice, mixed with applesauce, sprinkle of cinnamon and vanilla yogurt. top with a little jam in a smiley face design. (Or if you have older kids try making a face out of Craisens) *fill some Dixie cups with extra and put in a Tupperware that is deep enough and you will have enough to last a few days.
5. Warm soft apple slices: cut up apple slices and wrap in foil. place in toaster oven and cook for 20 minutes. They will be soft, warm and yummy. Serve with some vanilla yogurt on top or just by themselves.
6. Sweet tortilla treat #1: take a soft tortilla shell, microwave for 10 seconds. spread with peanut butter and thin sliced bananas (or try apple sauce). roll up and its perfect for little ones to hold and eat.
7. Sweet tortilla treat #2: take a soft tortilla shell, microwave for 10 seconds and spread cream cheese and jelly. roll up.
8. Quesadilla triangles: take a soft tortilla and lay flat sprinkle with cheese, and fill with left over cooked veggies, or avocado slices. fold in half and warm in the microwave for 10-20 seconds. slice into triangles. perfect size for little fingers. You can use colorful veggie varieties of tortillas for a little fun.
9. Frozen graham cracker fruit snacks: take a graham cracker break them into the small rectangles, spread with a fruit flavored yogurt, top with another cracker and freeze. This is so yummy you will help yourself to a few too!
**Freeze in a large Tupperware without a lid. After they are frozen place them into a Ziploc bag to store in freezer. I have found that the Tupperware lids crack if you open them when they are frozen.
***We bought a few different flavors of yogurt (strawberry, peach, blueberry, mixed berries) and this gives a choice. It tastes as yummy as an ice cream sandwich. If you are really ambitious you can use vanilla yogurt with thin strawberry slices, and freeze.
10. Fruit filled ice pops: take an ice pop tray (you can pick up small ones at a Dollar Store or Target for $1) fill with some of their favorite fruit (strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, pineapple, bananas...) and then top with apple juice, orange juice (or any juice you have). freeze.
11. Frozen yogurt pops: fill an ice pop tray with a fruit flavored yogurt and freeze.
12. Fruit filled jello cups: make some jello and fill some Dixie cups with fresh fruit. fill cups with the jello and let set in fridge. serve by themselves or with a spoon of vanilla yogurt or whipped cream. *If you have a Tupperware deep enough you can store them and have enough to last the week as a special treat.

Love to hear your favorite kid friendly snack ideas. Email them to me at I hope your kids enjoy these as much as mine do! Tamra


  1. OMG! The frozen Graham cracker treats are AWESOME!!! My husband and I almost ate the whole bunch ourselves....ooops. they were yummy.

  2. I can't wait to try all these yummy treats. My daughter will love this and it's healthy.

  3. We try to make healthy snacks.... but sometimes you can't help but give in to the easy treats.. But if you have other options at home it makes it easier to give them other treats they will like too. And if you plan right when you need a good snack to keep them distracted (like a long car ride) you can use these treats as a reward or as a special treat when a baby sitter comes over.... My kids love to have a "special treat" when we have a babysitter come we always have something special. try somehtng you dont have all the time. We try to have low sugar when we have a sitter come over, but try to have something they don'g normally have helps save our sitter from the drama, but even if it is small as long as it is special they feel special....