Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jan week # 4 - This weeks menu

Sunday - Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, veggies
Pot Roast: in the morning place in a Croc Pot/slow cooker: pot roast, 2 cups brewed black coffee (believe it or not it adds a nice flavor), beef broth, 1 package onion soup mix, carrots, celery, onions. make sure liquids cover meat in pot. cook on low all day. It will be so tender around dinner time. yummy. make gravy from broth.
*store left over beef in the gravy. left overs will be used later in week for Beef Stroganoff.

Monday - Spaghetti with Meat sauce
meat sauce: cook onions & garlic in a little olive oil. then add chop meat. when brown add your favorite tomato sauce.
*brown double the meat and place half in a Tupperware for another meal later in the week.

Tuesday - Croc Pot Chicken. serve with roasted potatoes, veggies
Easy roasted potatoes: slice potatoes into chunks, place in large Ziploc bag with olive oil & shake to cover. then add onion soup mix & shake (amount of seasonings depend on amount of potatoes - don't use too much) . place on pan and cook in oven.
*See Jan week #3 'Dawns Croc Pot Chicken' for recipe. Also Henry's Chicken soup, make same day or store chicken bones etc for later. use left over chicken soup for meal later in week.

Wednesday - Beef Stroganoff w/ egg noodles & prefered veggies
*take leftover pot roast w/ gravy, cut meat into chunks, add sour cream. serve over egg noodles. with veggie of choice.

Thursday - Chili
kids option: tacos. they sell taco seasoning in a shaker container so you can use as much or little as you want. take a small bit of browned beef, add taco seasoning. Let the kids make their own tacos. you need taco shells, cheese, lettuce, any veggies they like & other toppings of choice. my kids love to make these. the messier the better!
Chili: use browned beef from earlier in the week and put in a pot w/ red kidney beans, tomato sauce & packet of chili seasoning. cook til heated through. serve with sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese & dollop of sour cream. tortilla chips on the side (use chips as your spoon and have as much fun as the kids!)

Friday - Chicken Soup
*If you made the soup already than just reheat. if not get recipe from Jan week #3 Dawns Croc Pot Chicken. See Henry's Chicken Soup recipe.

Saturday - Chicken Quesadillas
Take large flour tortillas and place on cookie sheet. sprinkle thin layer of shredded cheese, then cooked chicken slices, sauteed onions & peppers, another thin layer of cheese and top with another flour tortilla. bake til cheese melts. Slice into half then into 3rds. serve with sour cream, guacamole & salsa. great finger food.
*kids can make their own. let them choose what they want inside (chicken, favorite veggies, cheese). a better option than chicken nuggets.

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  1. The croc pot chicken recipe turned out awesome. I used chicken leg/thighs rather than a whole chicken. I experimented and layered chicken cutlets under the legs, and extra veggies too. This made 2 meals in one. We ate the chicken legs that night and then when we were done I added chicken stock to the remainder or the veggies and chicken in the croc pot. And the soup was already done too. No additional cook time. The cutlets just fell apart they were so tender and there was enough veggies for the soup. I stored in a tupperware for Fridays dinner. All I have to do is add some additional veggies besides carrots and onions and it will be ready in minutes. Perfect! Thanks Dawn & Henry!