Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jan week # 4 - Bottle and Cup Labels

Just thought I would pass along a great tip for labeling your child's cups or bottles. Especially works great when there are a bunch of kids around with the same cups. (ie. play dates, daycare, multiple children of your own).

You know those thick rubber bands that keep your veggies together at the grocery store? Keep them. Turn them inside out to the blank side. Take a ball point pen and write your child's name on it. Fits around all sizes of cups and bottles.

I have 3 kids and 2 do not read or spell their name yet. So I had them each pick a shape and I wrote that on the band with their names. This way my 3 yr old could recognize which cup was hers and which was her sisters. (ie. heart, smiley face, star, flower).

If you have any organization tips you would like to share please pass them along to me at I'd love to share them. Thanks - Tamra

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  1. What a cool idea. I never thought of that. If you are having a party with a lot of kids, this would be not only a craft, but a great way for them to identify their cups.