Monday, January 19, 2009

Jan week #3 - This Weeks Menu

Sunday - Roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, and asparagus (or veggie of choice)
*left over Roast Beef will be used later in the week for fajitas.

Monday -EASY -Sweet meatballs w/ egg noodles and oven roasted broccoli
*last weeks menu we made some extra and froze them. this makes for an easy meal. or you can also use the store bought kind which works great for this dish.

Sweet meatballs: take meatballs, put in a pot, add your favorite BBQ sauce let cook through. told ya that was easy ;).

Oven Roasted Broccoli: take the stalks of broccoli and place them on a pan, drizzle with olive oil and crushed garlic in the tree parts. sprinkle with salt and place under broiler for 20 min. they come out a bit crispy and so yummy.

Tuesday - Braised Paprika Chicken w/ onions and potatoes, and green beans (or veggie of choice).
*I found an amazing bargain at my local Grocery store. Chicken legs w/ thighs 5 in a package for only $2.89. This was approx 55 cents a pound. And this is their regular price. My husband loves roasted chicken but it is such a pain to carve off the bone and you don't really get too much meat. this option works great. they are individual portions. I usually pick up a few packages and separate them into 3's and freeze.

Braised Paprika Chicken: (I got this recipe from 'Ask Aida' on the Food Network)
Let the chicken legs/thighs rest til they are room temperature (approx 20 min.). Then pat down with a paper towel to get any moisture off. Make a rub w/ paprika (she suggested smokey paprika but any is fine), salt and pepper. Rub on all sides and cover legs with the rub. Heat a pan with vegetable oil and place the chicken in 3 min each side. while doing this cut onions. Take the chicken out of pan and add onions, cook til brown and caramelized. Add sliced potatoes and 2 cups chicken stock. Add chicken back in, bring to a boil then reduce heat to med/low. cover and cook 30 min on stove top until cooked through. Remove chicken to a plate. Bring sauce to a boil over medium-high heat and cook until slightly reduced, about 10 minutes. Taste and adjust seasoning, as desired. Add chicken, turn to moisten in sauce, and serve. so yummy!

*Tip: Aida suggests vegetable oil when browning meat because it has a higher burn temp. in other words it has to reach a higher temp than say olive oil to burn. So you will brown and not burn...sounds good to me!

Wednesday: Pork Roast w/ sweet potato fries & salad

Sweet potato fries: slice sweet potatoes into steak fry wedges. place on a pan and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. bake til done.

Thursday: Fajitas made Roast Beef leftovers, peppers and onions.

Friday: homemade Cal zones w/ a pork, peppers & onions sauce.
*this is an easy and yummy dish. purchase the dough at the grocery store usually at the deli counter if you can't find it on the shelves in the refrigerated section. Walmart has them for 88 cents.

Cal zones: cut the pizza dough in half and roll each out into a circle fill with ricotta cheese and mozzarella cheese. bake according to the time on the package. usually 15 minutes til golden brown.

sauce: saute' onions, bell peppers til caramelized. Add the left over pork roast cut into small slices and some tomato sauce.

Tip: I get my kids involved when making pizza. I cut a small piece of dough for each of them to make their own and I put in bowls in front of them at the table the cheese & sauce so the can make it themselves. they have a great time with it. And it keeps them busy while I make ours ;).

Saturday: Steak, salad, pita wedges and hummus.
*My favorite brand of hummus is Sabra. If you can find it, it will have you addicted.

Have a good week ladies! And keep sending your recipes in!


  1. This is unbelievably clever! I love how you use the leftovers. I'm printing this out and going shopping based on this week's menu. How do you have time to do this?? Sweet potato fries??? Sure beats the Tater Tots I used to toss on a baking sheet! I'm a changed woman!

  2. The Braised Paprika chicken came out so awesome! It was my first time using this recipe but when I saw it on 'Ask Aida' it looked so yummy. Its a very savory dish. My favorite part about it was that it only used one pot! easy clean up.