Monday, January 19, 2009

Jan week #3 - Peanut Butter Scare

Hi ladies,

Just heard from my friend Lu (Luciana) out in California about the peanut butter recall due to a deadly salmonella contamination. She sent me a news link that I have included for you to read more info on it.

The voluntary recall came one day after the government advised consumers to avoid eating cookies, cakes, ice cream and other foods with peanut butter until health officials learn more about the contamination. They are saying that if you purchased anything with peanut butter from Peanut Corp. of America you should throw it away and definitely do not eat it.

Some items they named were: several brands of peanut butter cookies it sells through Wal-Mart stores, peanut butter toasty sandwich crackers or peanut butter cheese sandwich crackers, Austin and Keebler branded Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers, and some snack-size packs of Famous Amos Peanut Butter Cookies and Keebler Soft Batch Home style Peanut Butter Cookies

So far, more than 470 people have gotten sick in 43 states, and at least 90 had to be hospitalized. At least six deaths are being blamed on the outbreak. Salmonella is a bacteria and the most common source of food poisoning in the U.S., causing diarrhea, cramping and fever. The CDC said the bacteria behind the outbreak — typhimurium — is common and not an unusually dangerous strain but that the elderly, young children and those with weakened immune systems are more at risk to get sick or even death.

So please check out the link above for more information. I hope this was helpful. Please leave comments and feedback so I can continue to post information that you like.

Thanks - Tamra

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  1. I heard about this. Thanks for posting it on your blog. When I went to the store yesterday, some of these items were still on the shelves. Now, that is scary. the more people who are aware of this the better.

    Thanks again.