Friday, January 16, 2009

Jan week #2 - Cheap Groceries from Angel Food Minestries

I subscribe to a great free newsletter called 'Everyday Cheapskate'. Mary Hunt the author of the book 'Debt Proof Living' started this site to reach out to those who are living with debt whether a little bit or a massive amount and teach you how to get out of debt as well as live within your budget. She originally wrote the book Debt Proof Living because she herself had accumulated alot of credit card debt. She worked her way out of it and she shares her secrets and success. She is wonderful and I recommend this to everyone. You can subscribe (for a small fee) to an online newsletter called 'Cheapskate Monthly' or have a paper copy mailed to you each month. Its full of great tips and stories of people just like you and me going through similar situations. The information really is invaluable. If you get the chance to read the book Debt Proof Living it will be worth your while. Her Blog is linked on the right of my Blog page for easy access.

Anyway, this month she highlighted groceries. Specifically 'Angel Food Ministries'. This is a ministry that was started to help those in financial crisis. And as we all know it is very unlikely that our grocery bills will be going down anytime soon. Every month they have a different menu. They basically package in a box a list of grocery basics that are worth $50-$75 and sell them to anyone who is need for around $20 - $40. It looks amazing. They have things like steaks, chicken cutlets, vegetables, fruits, and even precooked full diners for seniors or anyone else who wants quick meals. They also take food stamps if you have them.

We will be purchasing a box or 2 for February. The only catch is you have to pick them up. But their is a zip code search for the nearest location. Most are at a church. When you pick up your packages, you also have the opportunity to have them pray with you if you are in need of some. Lets face it, we could all use a few extra prayers said on our behalf right? So check out this website for all the information.

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  1. This is great information. We will look for a location near us. This will help so many people who are in need. Thank you.